Cancellations And Holds

While cancellations and holds can be done in person, within 3 days of the end of the month, they must be done online to take effect by the 1st of the next billing cycle.


You have the right to cancel a monthly membership at any time before the 1st of the month without being charged. You cannot retroactively cancel a membership. That means if your payment has gone through and you come in and try to get a refund you will not be given one. If your payment didn’t go through but you didn’t cancel you will be expected to pay that charge. If you cancel in person make sure you get proof of your cancellation.

Click here for our Cancellation Form

Membership Holds

Members with a monthly membership on autopay are able to freeze their memberships for $10 per month. MULTIMONTH MEMBERSHIPS ARE NOT ABLE TO BE FROZEN. Time is rounded up so, for example, if you want to put your membership on hold for 45 days, you will pay $20 for two months.

For members with shared accounts, the freeze will apply to the membership with the lowest cost.

That means if there is a membership with the main account holder for $49.99 and there is a shared account for $29.99, you will not be responsible for paying the $29.99 while frozen even if the main account holder is the one frozen. This is because paying $29.99 is contingent on there being a $49.99 membership first. If 1 of the 2 accounts is frozen the account is now considered an individual account and must be charged $49.99.

Currently, our system doesn’t allow us the freeze a single membership on a shared account so you will receive a credit prorated for the amount of time it is frozen. This applies to all memberships except weekly passes. There are no holds on weekly passes. If you get a hold in person make sure you get proof of your hold.

Click here for our Membership Hold Form